Welcome to Howling Graphix

Howling Graphix was born from passion for design and lovingly raised with the fundamentals of functionality and practicality in mind to become the absolute Alpha in our territory. Reliability, respect and trust are values of utmost importance in our pack. We firmly believe that these principals form part of the ultimate key to success for any business, social and personal relationships – even for life itself. Our territory is clearly marked with the authority and excellence you can expect of the dominating pack. As the Alpha pack we make it our mission to ensure that all our allies grow with us and benefit from becoming the dominating authorities in their respective areas.

Our Services

Websites and Graphic Design services are usually quite expensive. At Howling Graphix our pack of professionals are able to keep costs down while maintaining a high standard of work quality. In short, we would like to make our services available to a bigger portion of the market – especially small businesses and individuals with the need for a blog or private website.

We specialize in building websites ( that can adapt to a variety of devices and browsers to ensure that your content is optimized for optimum display at all times. Your website is your online presence and should be able to create a striking and welcoming first impression with a professional and functional user interface. Howling Graphix also provides reliable hosting for your websites and other online platforms that includes spam and ransomware protection that will keep your risk as low as possible for attacks from enemies and rivals.

We live in a “do it online, on the go” world where your visibility on the internet across a variety of mobile and other devices is of utmost importance. It does not matter what kind of business or profile you have, the bigger your online footprint the better. Keeping up with the latest technology ensures that your website will always perform and work as a marketing agent for your company – even after normal work hours, 24/7.

We lead the way in optimized, adaptive web design. You can have one website that will display optimized for all devices technology has to offer – from a smart phone, tablet and laptop to a super computer! Adapting is the way of survival, your website should survive and conquer the market. Think of it as liquid design – almost like water that can fill any shape and form perfectly.

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