Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We live in the era where we can ask Google just about anything that you would like to know from “how to tie your shoelaces” to “how to service your car”. It is of grave importance that your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is on point and that you are visible on the first page (preferable in the top 10 results) of Google search results. Your ranking have a significant effect on your footprint in the market.

Search engines are always hungry for new information, the more “food” you provide, the better your site will be ranked. Images does not help with the SEO at all unless you provide the search engines with the right SEO info for it. Regular updates to your website with details on your products, services, experiences and other relevant information help feed these Search engines to their satisfaction.

Blogging on your website is a good way to keep it interactive and have visitors snacking on new bits of information. Improve the ranking of your website by cross linking to other websites that have good ranking, publishing online adverts and/or linking relevant articles to your blog posts. Promoting your website on Facebook and Twitter is a hugely effective way enlarging your footprint with SEO satisfaction and in the social markets.

It is very important to note that SEO is a long term process and requires a lot of research, time and tweaking of the content on your website. Make sure that you connect with other dominant allies from your surrounding markets to create opportunities to promote one another via your blogs and social media – this is how you gain authority in your area.

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