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Howl to us for all your Web DesignHosting and Graphic Design needs!
Howl to us for all your Web DesignHosting and Graphic Design needs!

We can help you make your presence known with striking designs backed with amazing and functional features that not only work on computer browsing but also on your mobile devices! Your domain and emails will always be secure on our well protected servers.

Howling Graphix was born from passion for design and lovingly raised with the fundamentals of functionality and practicality in mind to become the absolute Alpha in our territory. Reliability, respect and trust are values of utmost importance in our pack. We firmly believe that these principals form part of the ultimate key to success for any business, social and personal relationships – even for life itself. Our territory is clearly marked with the authority and excellence you can expect of the dominating pack. As the Alpha pack we make it our mission to ensure that all our allies grow with us and benefit from becoming the dominating authorities in their respective areas.

I have been intrigued by wolves from a very young age and developed a passion for these amazing animals. The pack order and the values that wolves have in the way they live did not only fascinate me but set an example of what life is about: Respect, Loyalty, Protection and Support to name a few. I have learned that they are often mistaken for “evil/mean” creatures because of the way they are presented by the entertainment media to society – and I do hope that this perception will change and that people can appreciate these amazing souls for the wonderful beings they truly are. I would like to urge you to visit a wolf sanctuary and learn more about them!

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