Graphic Design

Graphic design is a language that communicates on dimensions where words are lost and expressions need to connect with more of your senses! Welcome to the visually explosive world of graphic design. Graphic design is the manifestation of dreams, ideas and messages into visually enticing images and illustrations. It is all about the small details that can easily be overlooked in this art where attention to detail have an enormous effect on the success and meaning of the design itself. We like to look at our designs as portals that activate your imagination – is the sky really the limit?

Do not underestimate the power of design, leading brand can be identified with 100% certainty within a fraction of time – in fact we recognize the brand via the logo forms and colors long before we have the chance to read the name of the brand, if we even need to… Strong branding design is a critical element that you should invest your time and effort into to ensure the best possible results – this sets the look and feel for all your designs for screen and printed media.

One of our design specialties is logo designs, we are well known for creating bespoke logos. Our logo designs are designed and tested to display on a variety of light and dark backgrounds to ensure that they have the optimum visibility to represent your company where ever they are present. We aim to provide our clients with high quality logo designs that communicate the right message for the brand. All our logo designs are vector format to ensure zero pixelation on extra large and small scale printing.

Your Corporate Identity (CI) is the key to a uniform look and feel that is easy for your clients and viewers to identify. If any one look at your website and other designs it should have the same look and feel – this makes your brand seem more structured, certain of its own identity and instantly seem like a more trusted and established brand compared to brands without a strong CI.

Some of the elements of your CI includes:

  • Business Cards
  • Email Signatures
  • Letter heads
  • Quotations and Invoices
  • Company Profile and more…

We also create custom designs for our clients to use on various applications; these designs include but are not limited to the following:

  • Brochure Designs
  • Flyer Designs
  • Banner Designs
  • Magnet Designs
  • Social Media Branding
  • Designs for Corporate
  • Gifts
  • Poster Designs
  • Photo Editing and
  • Manipulation
  • Photo Reconstruction
  • Tattoo Designs
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