About Us

Let us start with a bit of history – Why did I become a Designer?

From a very young age I was always drawing pictures… Everywhere I went there would be stationary and blank paper in my hand. I sketched in the car, at home, when we go to family events, even in class when we have some time off. When I reached St 2, the teacher did not like me drawing in her class that much and told me “You will never make a living drawing pictures”… That was enough motivation for me to decide that I will become an Alpha Artist in some way, shape or form – I do smile thinking about that day since my work require making “pictures” for various applications.

I have always watched my mother design the most amazing websites and graphics for work – there was a lot of late nights that I just had to stay up and watch her performing some Photoshop magic and with some code added everything came alive! This was when I knew that I want to become a web and graphic designer. After matriculation, I studied visual communication – my first step towards my future as a designer!

Why did I start Howling Graphix?

I have noticed that WebsitesHosting and Graphic Design services are generally quite expensive and it need not cost a fortune to get professional services in this market. At Howling Graphix our pack of professionals are able to keep costs down while maintaining a high standard of work quality by working smarter.

Working smarter to the extreme ensure that we at Howling Graphix can reduce the cost of our services and increase the quality of our products and services we provide to our clients. Our pack does not work from an office base – by working from home we reduce our basic costs, we maximize out time to ensure that we provide the best value for your money.

In short we would like to make our services available to a bigger portion of the market – especially small businesses and individuals with the need for a blog or private website.

Why the wolf theme?

I have been intrigued by wolves from a very young age and developed a passion for these amazing animals. The pack order and the values that wolves have in the way they live did not only fascinate me but set an example of what life is about: Respect, Loyalty, Protection and Support to name a few. I have learned that they are often mistaken for “evil/mean” creatures because of the way they are presented by the entertainment media to society – and I do hope that this perception will change and that people can appreciate these amazing souls for the wonderful beings they truly are. I would like to urge you to visit a wolf sanctuary and learn more about them!

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