eCommerce / Online Shops and Catalogues

Online shopping have become a very convenient and popular method of selling and buying products and even digital downloads from our smart phones, tablets and computers from all over the globe. it has become such a big part of our shopping experience that we can share the product links on social media to recommend the products and shops to our friends and families.

Our software are built to integrate seamlessly with our amazing CMS systems, leading payment gateways and even some of the top courier services to ensure the most automated online shopping experience for sellers and buyers. You can benefit from having a bespoke website and mind blowing functionality that you can extend as your company grows.

You can sell anything, anywhere! Whether it is a simple item, a group of products or even digital items like music, videos and other files, our system will be your perfect solution. We can make it possible for you to fully utilize your website to work for you in the hours that you and your staff needs to sleep and catch up on some family time.

Need to process online payments? We have got you covered! Our eCommerce software support the main payment gateways: Amazon Payments, Stripe, PayFast (for ZAR), PayPal, Bank Transfer (EFT), Cash On Delivery and more… You do not need the hassle of manual payments and keeping track of your sales if you can fully automate the system and streamline the process.

Your online store can use your store address and geo-locations to detect your customer’s address for the basic calculations when dealing with taxes and shipping. You can also decide which countries you sell to beforehand and eliminate sales to countries you may experience issues with or if your business is simply not in the market for international sales.

We make keeing track of your stock easy by including a stock management module as standard to our online shops. Easily manage your stock on the system and control whether or not you would like to display or hide sold out stock automatically from your storefront. You can also assign store manager to help you manage your day to day tasks, take inventory and much more.

Take control of your own data – your data is more secure when you make use of your private hosted storefront. Unlike hosted storefronts that can close without warning, you manage your own storefront where you control what happens to your data. This complete lack of control over the most critical aspect of online shops are fundamental. Make sure that you are always in control.

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