Custom Development

Web Application Development

We create and develop spaces and systems to use over the Internet for:

  • Web Application DevelopmentĀ  for internal use only (Intranet),
  • Web Application DevelopmentĀ  for reseller purchasing applications used with partners (Extranet),
  • Web Application DevelopmentĀ  for online systems available for use by members and/or the public like shopping carts, membership spaces (like gyms etc), accommodation bookings and many more.

Our custom developments make use of interactive and dynamic features of websites and web applications that are customized to deliver a more sophisticated and dynamic user experience than the every day websites.

Most of the time we develop customer interfaces for a business to drive more sales and/or client portals to improve customer service and add the options for self service and ticketing systems. Many of these type of systems can not be properly built using third party systems because of its complete and custom nature and should be developed from scratch. If you are in need of specialist requirements and your projects are managed or even completely web-based you will need a custom web application.

Add functionality as you grow

You dont have to start with a massive website packed with all the functionality we have to offer, we design our websites to accommodate add-on functionality so that you can upgrade your website as your business grows!

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